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I am most definably NOT a Spider by DaugherOfTheMoon I am most definably NOT a Spider by DaugherOfTheMoon
So, I thought it was about time to start introducing some characters of mine from my Inuyasha doujinshi (which would probably end up a fanfic before it becomes a doujin...) This, my friend, is Sora.

Sora, is an odd fellow, and you can interpret whether thats a good or a bad thing. He's meticulous, and perfectionist, and also knows how to get his way. Sora, is the son of a fox demon princess from the south, and in result is a prince, so you can imagine how high his ego's standings are. The fox demon also has something else mixed into it, and if you can already tell who's his daddy, well good job for you. Yes. Sora is the son of none other than the infamous Naraku. -gasp- (yes Naraku got it on people, get over it) however, Sora hates his father and completely refuses the thought of him having anything to do with the former hanyou. Without giving too much of the story away I can clearly tell you, that Sora has a strange affiliation for the main heroine, Izayoi (Inuyasha's daughter). Sora, although the main antagonist, rarely gets his own hands dirty, and barely fights himself. The magic user, bas many other people in his employ to do his dirty work for him.

That, is a relative description of this character, and the drawing is a quick overview i did on an ipad so its not that well done. I'll have some better sketches of him, and the other characters soon enough and their descriptions! Hope you liked :D
I really love this.....even though i hate Sora xD Actually one of my favorite things in this is what you wrote also. It makes the viewer look at the drawing,look down, and look back up to see a different side of Sora everytime. The way his lips curl or eyebrows furrow or that glint in his eyes.He could seem like the egotistical prince like you said or a mischevious(spider)fox

Or talking to a certain someone who caught interst who starts with an I and ends with zaiyoi..............what

But i really like it even if its a Tahno Sora picture xD
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January 11, 2013
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