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Eien Ni Anata No by LC85
by LC85

Wow, the coloring on this is phenominal! And although for my tastes theres a bit too many lines on Inuyasha's abdomen, the anatomy on b...


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Gabrielle Marie Lopez
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I am an aspiring Architect, and design major, and I hope to develop and grow throughout the years, and build up the experience I need to succeed. I'm also an avid anime and comic book fan, and well I love to read and write just as much as I love to pick up a pencil and draw~

I have not died in some freak accident guys, I'm here *waves banner* no one cares anyway... |D

Well, I'm absolutely inexplicably bored, so to kill time I've decided to sort of rant here for a bit in a mediocre attempt to prove to the masses of no one that I am not some kind of apparition that has taken over a computer. That would just be weird.

I blame :icontheblackcatx: for making me want to write in this, because she is absolutely the love of my life, and I'm.. grateful for having her every single day I do, and I can't even begin to explain how much it makes me smile at the thought of knowing I have her as mine.. and well, I can't even describe it so that whoever's reading this can understand how much I love her.

I love you baby~ :rose:

For: :icontheblackcatx:

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

You cannot fathom

How much I love you~ :blackrose:

Simple, but it had to be written *chuckles* shoot me if you must, but I hope you get on when you get home and read this..~ I just wanted to say, that this site would probably be lost if it wasn't for you. I'd probably throw it away and never even look at it again, but for you I'll stay on here.. I hope that makes you smile even if just a little, because I really do want to make you the happiest person on the face of the planet.. lookit me getting all gushy in public huh? :iconohalrightplz: well, I just can't help but want to shower you in praise.. and love and affection.. ahh.. I love you baby..~ :iconkissingplz:

Well, enough of being gushy gushy :icontuzkiblushplz: I'm out dA~

Long live the Queen~ :rose:

  • Mood: Sweet
  • Listening to: Baby Goodnight, by G-Dragon ft. T.O.P.
  • Reading: Yaoi. Duh.
  • Watching: Fake~
  • Eating: Asian Food |D
  • Drinking: Orange Hi-C

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Gabi...  where are you...?  and where is nati?  you guys have both been gone and i've heard nothing from either of you too long,  im worried...  and upset and missing you both.  ;.;   and i hate to, and i mean REALLY hate to say it...  but part of me is having doubts...   like i've lost a friend, or lost someone.  so please, get to me asap,  cause im worried, and just... alone.. 
meow!   where you been gabi?  i haven't seen you or nati in a while  ;.;
meep,  just know i guess we can have that 3 way chat some other time.  im too tired for tonight @_@   ima gonna head off to bed soon.   night gabi,  and also you and nati, you can maybe figure something/someday out for that, and ill see what i can do etc.  ill cya later =) 
you liiiiiive!!!!!  XD   hi there =P 
DaugherOfTheMoon Dec 8, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I dooooooooo! xDDDD omg I haven't been on in so long I swear xD
oh i can very very well tell here. XD  and yes it is me matt,  nati's friend you talked to on AIM,  still, i havent seen you since the last time me, you and nati were even on aim and you dropped off the face of the earth here. ><   where you been?  and how are ya? 
DaugherOfTheMoon Dec 8, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I know D: these niggies be taking my internet and sheet. P: and well I got it back now so yeeeeeeeey!~~~~ xD and I've been around, just being a good girl (Natalia would beg to differ but you know, just getting away with murder as usual~) and well at the moment everything's peachy keen :D
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ello there, im told you wont have internets for a few more days but regardless when ya see this, I be matt =P 
TheBlackCatX Nov 4, 2013  Student General Artist
I love you~<3
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